1. Each Player must fill out and sign a waiver before participating

  2. All entry fees must be paid before players/teams can play

  3. Each player on the bench must play a minimum of 5 minutes per half

  4. If at the 5 minute mark, a player has not played and has been on the bench from the start of the game, the commissioner must notify team captain of impending substitution.

  5. League Shirts and Uniform must be worn- $10 penalty

  6. Game time is forfeit time (schedule given to each team)

  7. All behavioral technicals- $10 penalty

  8. N.C.A.A. rules will apply:

    • Exception:

      • Continuation Rule applies (NBA)

      • Time outs and free throws (see bullets below)

      • Overtime= 2 minutes

      • Double Overtime= Sudden Death

        • First team scoring 2 points wins

      • Time: 20 minute halves with clock running to 2 minute marker of the 1st half and 5 minute marker of 2nd half

      • Regulation play from last 5 minutes of half to conclusion

      • Clock stops on all free throws- Starts when ball is handed to shooter on second free throw or missed first shot of 1&1

      • Time-outs=30 seconds

      • Two timeouts per half no carry overs!

      • One Time out added per overtime period (NO CARRY OVERS)

  9. There will be no forfeits- If necessary, teams will divide to make the number of players present equal to play the game.

  10. The on-site commissioner will rule on all disputes. Their decision will be final, there will be no protests on commissioner's rulings.